Data, Data, Data: Bringing it Together When Everyone’s Apart

April 27, 2020
With many organizations transitioning to remote and other distance work arrangements, it’s more important than ever to have reliable data for all members of your team to access from any location—quickly, easily, and securely. This webinar will provide insights into marketing teams’ increasing need for unified datamarts to gather, aggregate, and manage their many “sources of truth” for use in strategic campaign planning, analysis, and reporting.

During this webinar, you’ll learn how:

  • Data unification platforms help marketing teams automate manual tasks, set up flows of information, and manage controls for quality, governed, and timely data
  • Team collaboration is enhanced when data and its associated processing, attributes, blending, and preparation is centralized vs. distributed
  • Marketing teams are building best-in-class martech stacks with sources and systems that are important to, and managed by, marketing (not an IT owned enterprise data warehouse)
  • Newly-distributed teams are using datamarts to manage their digital marketing efforts together while they’re apart by centralizing disparate data resources