Building the Ideal Martech Stack in Six Simple Steps

July 21, 2019

Nearly 70% of marketing ops professionals say they’re using so many tools it actually makes their jobs more complicated, when the whole point of adding technology is to make things more streamlined and optimized. To be truly efficient, marketing operations teams need a solid strategy for connecting and crafting their ideal technology stack. All while considering the needs of the entire marketing department, including connecting teams, eliminating inefficiencies, automating workflows, and providing a single source of truth. Easy, right?

Join Workfront for this live webinar where they will share six, simple steps to build a martech stack that can help your marketing department work more effectively, amp up your efficiency and improve collaboration.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • The process for designing an enterprise-grade martech stack
  • How to map your current tools to your workflow and make a plan to achieve your ideal state
  • How to refine, optimize, and evaluate your tech stack to support your organizational goals
  • The secret to integrating key systems to form a single source for truth